R.P. Quality Floors T&C

Terms and Conditions


The quotation remains valid for 90 days and is thereafter subject to confirmation. Job commencement and completion dates are approximate only and may change due to circumstances beyond our control. However all reasonable effort will be made to keep jobs on schedule.

Terms of Payment

Terms are strictly payment on completion, unless stated otherwise.

RP Quality Floors is not accountable for the removal of furniture and appliances:

All furniture must be removed from the working area prior to RP Quality Floors arrival. In the event that circumstances necessitate the moving of furniture, additional charges for this work may be claimed. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to furniture while it is being moved, however all care will be taken.

All white goods appliances, including dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators are to be moved and replaced by owners if work is required under them.

RP Quality Floors is not accountable for the markings of skirting boards:

You may get some markings on the skirting board surfaces due to the high speed of sanding. It is recommended to leave the final coat of paint on the skirtings until after the floors are complete. Complete due care will be taken to reduce the occurrence of markings, however no liability can be accepted for any such markings which may occur.

We also do not take responsibility for any stain of skirtings when direct staining a floor. Once again we recommend you paint after application is complete.

Carpet covering removal is not included:

The removal of old floor and carpet coverings staples and tacks is not included in the final costing unless specified in the quote.

Rubbish Disposal:

We cannot ensure a complete dust-free finish. For example the removal of sanding dust, old floor coverings etc. However, all sanding dust will be placed in rubbish bags for your disposal.

Not all stains can be removed in the sanding process:

Water stains and nail holes and any animal urine within the boards around your home are often impossible to sand out due to their severely tainted nature. These stains can sometimes appear darker in their final coating.

Rejection of Polyurethane Coatings

We cannot be held responsible for the rejection of polyurethane. There are substances which contain polish, oils, wax etc and these may reject the polyurethane substance. In turn, we do not take responsibility for this issue and this may also require subsequent recoats and may be a further expense.

Finishing Coat

Dust and fibres may settle in the floor while drying and in turn we cannot be held responsible for this problem if this occurs. We will do our best to ensure this issue does not occur and eliminate any chances of this problem in the drying stage. It is also important to acknowledge that traffic within a flooring area will settle this issue. The Australia Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) recommend when assessing your floor it should be done at a standing position and viewed at a 45 degree angle. This will ensure a correct indication of your floors final finish.

Colour and Tint Stain

It is very difficult to maintain a distinct even colour when finishing a floor. Colour staining may show up scratches caused by sanding that would not normally be noticed under a clear finish. It is inevitable a slight unevenness of colour may occur. However, every effort will be made to ensure your floor is of a high quality, even standard.

Natural Movement of Timber

Due to the natural movement of timber RP Quality Floors cannot be held responsible for the expansion and contraction. These issues may occur due to natural environmental causes such as direct sunlight, climate conditions, ventilation etc. We will advise of these conditions when organising your flooring for your home.

Floorboard Bonding

In some cases, floor coating may glue the edges of the boards together, and if this occurs, boards can subsequently shrink and uneven splitting may arise. We take no responsibility if this issue occurs. We recommend considering alternate types of coatings and we will recommend these to you during the flooring application.


Solvent coatings are toxic and may emit dangerous fumes. We take no responsibility for the protection of humans, pets, plants, food supplies due to toxic fumes. Please refer to our preparation recommendations to ensure you are best prepared for your flooring application.

Preparation Hints for Customers: Prior to RP Quality Floors Application

  • Remove all furniture in the working area
  • Cover all non-moveable furniture
  • Remove all food / perishables from pantry if using solvent-based polish
  • All curtains and drapes need to be removed from the floor
  • Seal any access areas

For further information concerning your new flooring we recommend you to view the Australia Timber Flooring Association consumer information services.