Maintenance and Repairs

It is important to think about your timber flooring as a long-term investment. Just like any investment, you can’t just purchase the flooring and then ignore it. Maintenance and repairs are required throughout your flooring’s lifetime to ensure it stands the test of time. Our experienced tradesmen take care of structural and cosmetic timber flooring repairs including damaged timber, water damage and new boards. In terms of maintenance it is very simple and you can take care of that aspect yourself. By following the steps below you will enjoy a long life out of your timber floors.

  • Rugs and mats prevent dirt and grit from your shoes abrading your flooring Adelaide. Place rugs and runners in high traffic areas, as well as mats at all entrance points of your home.

  • Sweep up dust and dirt collecting on your floor with an anti-static mop. This can be done daily or weekly, depending on your household. If you prefer vacuuming, attach a soft bristled brush to avoid scratches.

  • Steer clear of abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents, as these products can scratch the surface. Instead, only use the cleaning solutions your floor manufacturer has recommended. RP Quality Floors sells quality cleaning products and equipment, which can be purchased in store.

  • Keep water at a minimum when cleaning, as too much moisture can penetrate the surface and cause the floorboards to delaminate or cup. Rather than using a wet mop, ensure it is damp. Any water spills must be instantly wiped up.

  • Never clean your timber floor with a steam mop, as the process can damage the finish. Steam is pushed into the tiny openings in your timber floorboards, which can cause the finish to peel or delaminate. Furthermore, heat speeds up the oxidation process.

  • Overtime exposure to direct sunlight can cause your timber floors to discolour and fade. To prevent colour change, shield your flooring with curtains, blinds or even window tinting. Rugs and mats can also help block out the sunlight. In the first six months following sanding and polish, colour change is the most intense, so be vigilant and move rugs periodically to avoid uneven colouring.