The team you can trust with your hardwood timber flooring in Adelaide

RP Quality Floors is the specialist in hardwood timber flooring. We offer an extensive array of timber flooring styles suitable for any décor. Whether your home is contemporary or favours a more traditional look, timber is a versatile flooring option that compliments all interiors. Our range of timber options include but are not limited to recycle and reclaimed timber, jarrah, oak, American oak, blackbutt and brush box. We also install new decking outdoors, as well as revive old decking.

In addition to an assortment of styles, we also offer different installation techniques, to ensure all customers’ needs are met. Installation choices include direct stick, joists (new or existing), hardwood batters, plywood, over existing tiles and more.

Benefits of installing hardwood timber flooring in your Adelaide home

  • Design flexibility – Timber flooring complements both traditional and modern designs.
  • Durability – Timber flooring can last a lifetime with the right care.
  • Health – Unlike carpet timber flooring does not trap dust and allergens.
  • Eco-friendly – Timer is a renewable and recyclable natural resource.
  • Easy to maintain – All you need is a broom and timber floor cleaner to clean your timber floor.
  • Adds value to your home – Timber flooring is well sort after and will increase your home’s resale.
  • Variety – There are an assortment of colours and styles to choice form.
  • Affordability – Owing to its durability it is a cost effective flooring solution.

How to care and maintain your timber floor in Adelaide

Performing regular care and maintenance is key to ensuring your timber floors last a lifetime. By protecting your floor from moisture and abrasions you will dramatically extend the lifespan of your timber flooring. Creating a regular cleaning schedule is crucial to preserving your floors.

The frequency of floor cleaning differs households to household and is dependent on a range of different factors, including whether you have children or pets, the level of traffic within your home, the amount of dirt you carry in on your shoes, and the condition of your outdoor area. Please refer to our maintenance and repairs page to learn how to take care of your timber flooring.

Hardwood timber flooring selection tips

Size: Generally hardwood is available in the following standard sizes: 80/85x19mm or 130x19mm boards.
Moisture content of timber: Adelaide homeowners should select timber with a moisture content of between 10 to 12 per cent.

Grades: Two different grades are available for most timber species. Popular grades include select, natural and Australian. Those wanting a modern look favour select grade, as it has less markings. Alternatively, natural grade pleases those looking for a rugged look. Australian grade is available for those who like a rich appearance.

Color variations: The colour and character of timber is reliant on a range of natural occurrences including climate, environment and soil.

Colour change: When timber is exposed to sunlight it changes colour. Darker and lighter areas can develop in your flooring Adelaide, dependent on the levels of sunlight exposure.

Movement: AThe local atmosphere can cause timber flooring to shrink and expand. As timber is considered a hygroscopic product, it naturally moves in an attempt to adapt to variations in humidity. Expect your timber to expand and retract due to Adelaide’s natural climate.

If you would like to learn more about our hardwood timber flooring options, contact RP Quality Floors in Adelaide.