Benefits of Timber Flooring


Many homeowners we come in contact with struggle to make the tough decision between timber and carpet. With both flooring options undoubtedly the most popular, selection often comes down to what the homeowners has grown up with. Unfortunately, this is the wrong basis to make the decision as both options are very different and have their own unique characteristics that make them suitable to different households.

Hardwood Timber

Status – Hardwood timber flooring are renowned as a prestigious flooring option. Owing to their sophisticated and sleek look, they reflect a lavish, high-end feel.

Cleanliness – While carpets required a strict cleaning schedule and annual professional cleans, hardwood timber flooring is much more low maintenance. A simple sweep is all that’s needed to get rid of any surface dust or dirt.

Allergies – While carpet fibres hold on to allergens and disperse them into the air when stepped on, hardwood timber floors do not absorb these types of bacteria. A simple surface clean of your hardwood timber floor will eradicate any dust and allergens that cause allergies. Timber flooring is a suitable option for asthma sufferers who require an allergen-free home.

Refinished – Hardwood timber floors are often considered a blank canvas. You can stain them any colour your desire and if you change your mind, sand them back and start all over again. Alternatively, if damage occurs they can simply be refinished and transformed back to their original appearance.

Versatile – With hardwood timber flooring you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you miss the soft and comforting feel of carpeting, you can simply lay a rug down and get the same benefits. With carpeting however, this luxury is not the same.

Timeless – Hardwood timber flooring has a way of complimenting any style or design. It has always been a popular flooring option owing to its timeless feel.

Environmentally Friendly – Harwood is a natural material, unlike carpeting, which is manufactured from limited source, petroleum. With the ability to replant trees, hardwood is considered a renewable resource. It is important though to do your research when selecting a hardwood floors manufacturer, as not all companies are ecologically friendly.

Increases Value of the Home

Flooring is a focal point of your home that can either make or break a sale. Timber flooring is a stand out option and is highly coveted by home buyers. Timber flooring is definitely an investment that will give you great returns, even if you plan on selling your property.

Carpet vs Timber

  • Carpets trap allergens that can make you and your family sick
  • Carpet is hard to clean
  • Carpet is expensive to clean professionally
  • Carpet holds stains and can be very hard to remove
  • Carpet needs to be replaced every few years
  • Carpets are not pet-friendly
  • Carpets do not add to the home resale value