The experts in sanding and polishing in Adelaide

Revive your old floors with professional floor sanding and polishing. Polished floors suit every style, be it contemporary or traditional. They have the ability to make a room feel more spacious and create the perfect canvas for interior design.

At RP Quality Floors we are renowned for our quality floor sanding and polishing service in Adelaide. Whether you want to restore an old floor back to new, or change a gloss floor to matt, we do it all. We have the ability to sand and polish a variety of different flooring including hardwood timber, cork, bamboo, laminate floating floors and parquetry.

Our sanding and polishing services in Adelaide

At RP Quality Floors we deliver a range of different sanding and polishing services across Adelaide including the following.

  • Cut right back to the timber and repolish

  • Light sanding and repolish

  • Repair old boards

  • Stain floor to any desired colour

  • Repair water damage

  • Repair white ant damage

  • Freshen up your existing floor


It may be your old timber floors or floating floors are looking worse for wear. Deep scratches and damage may be ruining their appearance. Alternatively, you may have just ripped up your old carpet to discover beautiful, old timber floors that require a little TLC. Whatever the reason may be, sanding rejuvenates the appearance of old flooring and balances out uneven sub-flooring. Professional sanding also gets rid of unwanted beveled edges, which are often present in pre-manufactured, pre-finished floors.

The degree of sanding depends on the condition of the old floor. If your floor only has minor surface scratches and light scuff marks, only a light sanding and re-coat floor polish will be necessary. However, for deep scratches and damage the flooring will have to be sanded right back and new coats of polish applied.


Floor polishing is essential for sanded floors and ultimately breathes life back into old flooring. The type of polish you need depends on several factors including level of traffic, desired appearance, toxicity and wear factors. At RP Quality Floors we offer a variety of finishes including oil-based, oil-modified urethanes, polyurethane, penetrating oils, waxes and water based finishes. Our professional tradesman can assist you with selection to ensure you choose the right polish for your floor.

Dustless floor sanding

We utilise the latest European dustless floor sanders to ensure the sanding process is as dust free as possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to sand without dust, however, the machines greatly reduce the leftover dust following sanding. When using these types of machines, a general clean is all that’s necessary before home owners return to their home.

To learn more about our sanding and polishing services in Adelaide, contact our friendly team.