Fake it till you make it with quality laminate floating flooring

Floating Floors
For those Adelaide renovators or first time home-owners on a budget laminate floating flooring is the perfect option. Laminate has come a very long way since the 70s and it’s now practically impossible to tell the difference between laminate and real timber flooring. With advancements in technology, these days laminate looks like the real deal.

Advantages of installing laminate floating flooring in your home

Laminate timber flooring is very resilient and easy to maintain. This durable flooring will stand up to high traffic and is stain and scratch resistant. While timber flooring has the tendency to fade in the sunlight, there are no issues with laminate floating floors.

Easy to maintain

To clean a laminate floating floor all you need is a broom and a mop. It really is that simple to keep your new flooring looking beautiful. Unlike real timber flooring, you don’t need to worry about sanding, polishing and waxing. Once the flooring is installed it’s ready to go!

Simple installation

No matter what your original flooring is, laminate floating floors can be installed over any subfloor surface. Whether it’s wood, vinyl, plywood, tiles or concrete it can be laid straight over the top. No glue or nails is required in the process, instead laminate floating floors easily snaps in together.


Enjoy the appearance of timber flooring at the reduced price with laminate floating floors. If you are working within a tight budget but still want a timber look, you can’t go past laminate floating floor. These days with advancements in technology, you really can’t tell the difference between naturally occurring timber and laminate floating floors. With a range of colours, finishes and patterns to choose from you can relish in the beauty and charm of traditional timber flooring at a fraction of the cost.


Most people when renovating have a budget they cannot break. Laminate floating floors is the ideal option for those who are working within tight constraints. It provides the look of real timber flooring at a reduced price. Not only will a laminate floating floor cost you half the price of a hardwood timber floor, but it is also a cheaper option than carpet. Fake it till you make with laminate flooring and save money in the process.

Transform your Adelaide home with high quality laminate floating flooring

RP Quality Floors stocks a range of different laminate floating flooring options. If you would like to install laminate floating flooring in your Adelaide home, talk to our expert team today.